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District Training Assembly (North)

district assembly may 2014 600px

On Saturday 17 May we did something unorthodox (again) and held our second District Assembly in Beijing -- for the benefit of our Rotarians, Rotaracters and Interacters who could not attend the earlier session in Shanghai in April.

This is quite unusual because the purpose of the Assembly is to bring together all of the incoming club leaders so they can meet each other and share experiences, but because of time and distance and cost we know that we may only get a small fraction of the target audience to come to one of the cities, so we decided to try doing it in two waves. It turns out to have been a great success because we had the full incoming board from Rotaract joining plus some Interacters and 2 intrepid souls from Chengdu fellowship. (including PE Michael who just can’t get enough and has attended both sessions).

District Training Assembly (East)


Come join us!

On Saturday 12 April we are holding the “first round" of our District Training Assembly in Shanghai. I say first round because we are going to do a repeat show in Beijing on 17 May. This is not the normal way of doing things but we want to experiment and see if we can increase turnout for both clubs by bringing the event close to home.

Next year we may go back to holding just one but let’s see the feedback from both trainers and attendees.

The target focus of the District Assembly is the incoming board members and like our PETS we are opening this up to our fellowship clubs and satellite club boards, as well as to leaders within the Rotaract clubs and Interact clubs.

We have updated a set of useful resources here on Box (note that China has been blocking access to and so if you are a Box user you may now access behind the Great China Firewall from “”:


that can be accessed by anyone (nothing top secret in the above) in a simple hierarchical format. This is what the “History” folder looks like:

For more serious collaboration we are using Basecamp (a collaborative project management tool that encourages discussions and enables shared tasks, calendars etc.

Just like introducing the motor car there is pushback from the horse and buggy lovers, but I think once you start using Basecamp you will realize it does not increase email spam, it reduces it and enables you to participate more fully, share more, and operate more efficiently. Neither Box nor Basecamp will solve all our problems, but they can make our life easier.

Back to the District Assembly - please find here what is likely the
final Agenda.

The event will be held in Asionics building 12th, floor. See
here for map and directions.